Calm Birth Method

New potential of childbirth; empowering new options for women; the need for new childbirth methodology

From years of work with doctors, childbirth educators, midwives, nurses, and doulas, has come a new childbirth method. Robert Bruce Newman the developer of Calm Birth is talking about The Calm Birth program which based in mind/body medicine and meditation science. It is modeled on the medicine-meditation program of the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in pain management and immune enhancement. The program offers three proven meditation practices applied to childbirth.

Robert Bruce Newman

I ventured into 20 yrs of training and practice with Tibetan doctors and meditation teachers, some of the most renowned ones to escape from Tibet. I was trained and authorized to teach certain meditation practices which became the heart of my work in the medical establishment. In 1991,I incorporated Medigrace, My associates were Dr. Ted Wolff of NY University and Drs. John Sutton & Craig Spaniol of NASA. The leaders in the pre- and perinatal field strongly supported our work: Calm Birth was born. Since 1997 we have presented the Calm Birth method: more than 100 times hospital trainings 4x's at the world congresses of the Association of Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Health.In 2005 my book Calm Birth was published. In 2006 NAB published a companion book, Calm Healing; Methods for a New Era of Medicine. More than 7000 children have been born by the Calm Birth method. Women come from around the world to the teacher trainings. We're trying to raise the standards of childbirth health.