Protect yourself and your baby from harmful radiation

The growing levels of low-frequency radiation in our technology-filled lives, and emerging research about their impacts, have led health experts worldwide to advise precautionary measures, especially for children and expecting mothers. Today we are talking to the founder of Belly Armor on how to protect ourselves from everyday radiation.

Aileen Chen

Belly Armor's founder, Aileen Chen, was pregnant with her first child when she realized that everyday radiation exposure was emerging as a major health issue. It surrounds us in everyday life, coming from mobile phones, wi-fi networks, laptops, cell phone towers and other electronic devices. Worried about the effects of sitting in front of her laptop all day at work and the rapidly growing levels of radiation in our modern lives, Along with her former colleague and now business partner Michael Lam, Aileen worked with industrial engineers to develop a technology that she could use during her everyday activities that would effectively shield this type of radiation. It needed to be easy to wear, easy to care for, and light-weight. As a result, they created the Belly Armor line of clothing and accessories for expectant mothers to comfortably and stylishly shield themselves and their bubs.