Belli skin care

Belli skin care founders Dr Jason and Annette Rubin will be talking about ingredients, safety and teratology screening.

Dr Jason and Annette Rubin

Belli skincare offers higher safety standards for mom and baby. Belli’s pregnancy skin care line was founded by Dr. Jason Rubin & Annette Rubin. Dr. Rubin is a family practitioner with broad experience in obstetrics, pediatrics, dermatology, and emergency medicine. Annette is a 17 year veteran in the cosmetics industry, a mother of two and serves as the President of Belli, Jason is the Founding Physician. Their two skill sets combined led them to identify a hole in the marketplace and the need to create Belli skincare, the safest products on the market for Mom and Baby. In response to this safety gap, Dr. Rubin created a new process called teratology screening. Teratology is the study of chemicals that are harmful to the developing fetus.